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Using is a medium for self-education. How you use the educational material is your own responsibility. How you use the site is at your own risk.
Under no circumstances can replace physiological, psychological, psychiatric and/or other professional diagnostic or treatment by educated professionals. Therefore can under no circumstances be hold responsible for any harm because of use of the material.

By the use of the content of you will be exposed for instruments and means that has a potential of affecting you emotional, as well as having an effect that might result in changes of your personality. 
Therefore you should either be healthy when using or be supervised by or work with a professional teacher or supervisor who will take responsibility of your health.
The instruments and means are for example (but not exclusively) as follows:

A. Deep breathing can potentially lower your psychic defenses and give access to old suppressed emotions and feelings, including trauma, affliction, anxiety, anger etc. 

B. Working with the body can cause old memories and associations to come forward and can have an alarming affect on the user. Of this has no control.

C. The language used in the videos can potentially activate feelings or moods that can have no control over, or responsibility for. For example can the language used in the relaxation videos, have an alarming effect on the user.

D. Incorrect use of the voice in exercises and songs can neither have control over nor have responsibility for. It is the users own responsibility to be aware of any discomfort and to stop at any discomfort.

Any discomfort felt in using must lead to stop using If the user has any physical or mentally discomfort from using the user must immediately seek professional help.

For persons having or have been suffering from mental illness (vulnerable people) can potentially be harmful. Vulnerable persons should therefore not use

Vulnerable persons are persons who are, or have been hospitalized in a somatic or psychiatric hospital, emergency room or similar because of mental illness of any kind.

Vulnerable persons can also be persons who are (a) or have been diagnosed with, or (b) have been under or are getting treatment for one or more of the following disorders – or disorders which are alike without being hospitalized: (I) Schizophrenia, (II) split personality (DID), (III) Borderline personality disorder (Borderline psychosis) or (IV) Psychosis.

If you have any doubt being a vulnerable person, you must consult a professional, before you start using

Special terms and conditions concerning online education has a functionality that gives you (“The User”) an option to sign up for and participate in online educational sessions. These sessions can be recorded for later use (upload or streaming) By using this functionality you give permission to use the material. The special terms and conditions for using the functionality are provided in the following:

A. The user entrust exclusively, finally, irrevocably, indefinite and for every territory, as well as for any kinds of use, known as well as unknown at the time for the users accept of the special terms and conditions and as well as commercial or non-commercial use of every immaterial/intellectual rights the user might have on the used material.
B. Immaterial/Intellectual rights means every right according to the always valid and usable material legislation about immaterial/intellectual rights for example – but not limited to – Danish legislation about copyright (both economic and ideal rights) trademarks, patents, marketing, utility models and designs.

C. The user has under no circumstance any right to receive remuneration, for example as royalty or similar for the use of material by, according to the special terms and conditions for

D. The special terms and conditions for does not in any way restrict the privacy policy for the user of

Privacy policy

In connection with creating an account for we will obtain some information about the user. It is crucial for that the user feels safe in the use of and therefore it is important that the user are being told which information will be obtained, as well as what has the right to do with the obtained information. has the following privacy policy:

Obtained information and its use. collects and processes 
a) personal information that you enter in (your name and your email) as well as 
b) Information about your use of (for example, information about your favorite videos as well as data about the media you use for, but only so that membership will be possible). does not collect information about race, ethnicity, political observance, religion, sexual preferences, health or philosophical beliefs.If it comes to the knowledge of that some obtained information are false or misleading, will either delete or correct the information.

Purpose of obtaining and processing information: 

The purpose of is to obtain information is that 
1) Identify you as a user 
2) Be able to provide the best experience for the user
3) Protect the rights 
4) Marketing

Your rights:

As a user of, you have of course all the rights that the current law imposes on you, including you have the right to: (1) be informed of what information collects regarding you and your use of as well as (2) claim information that has been obtained from regarding you, corrected or deleted if the information is inaccurate or incorrect.

If you do no longer want to be able to retrieve information about you, will accept your decision and cease retrieving your information., will delete information that has obtained regarding you, including deletion of any image or film material, unless the information has been uploaded and anonymized, and thus it is not possible for to identify them if you no longer want to have this information.

To make any change in your account regarding your rights, please contact via this e-mail address:
Note: The use of is voluntary and if you choose to use your right to limit access to your information or delete the retrieved information may no longer be able to - or willing to have you as user of


Data responsibility: is responsible for obtaining and processing your information. If you have questions about obtaining or processing the information about you, please write to via the following email address: provides physical, electronic and procedural safeguards for the protection of all information that collects and processes.



In addition to the possibility of complaining directly to via the above e-mail address, you are also entitled to appeal to Datatilsynet, Borgergade 28, 5, 1300 Copenhagen K.

End user license agreement End User License Agreement for the application of ("AGREEMENT") is a binding legal agreement between you and regarding the above webpage, including media, printed material, audio files, and online or electronic documentation. By installing, copying, clicking to accept or otherwise using, you agree to be bound by the terms of the AGREEMENT. The AGREEMENT fully governs the relationship between you and (LICENSORS)


Copyright has copyright of the site and Hanne Lynge has copyright to all educational films and audio files. Any copy will be illegal and will be prosecuted.

Your password belongs to one and only one user. The code cannot be shared with anyone. 
The title, including copyrights, above belongs to The proprietary rights and intellectual property rights of content / material that are available through the use of are the property of their respective owners and may be protected by applicable copyright and other intellectual property laws and treaties. AGREEMENT does not entitle you to use such content / material. Any right not expressly granted to you is reserved for


Licensing gives you the rights for personal and non-commercial use.

(a) Copyright Information. It is not allowed to copy material from

(b) Distribution. It is not allowed to distribute copies / share licenses from to third parties.

(c) Marketing to third parties including titles, characters, logos or images may not be marketed or otherwise distributed for sale without permission from The prohibition also includes "dynamic downloading" and any other system that might be an attempt to bypass Voicemasterycourse.coms usual distribution channels.

(d) Compliance with applicable law

Applicable law must be observed using



In case of any violation or harm to the rights of, has every right – without prejudice to any other violation or harm – to terminate the subscription immediately.


Warranties offers no warranties. is not responsible for any damages that may be the result from incorrect use of the instructional material including the text, video, audio files and images. cannot be held responsible for damages that may be the result from the transfer of computer viruses, "worms", "time bombs", "logic bombs" or other computer programs. makes no representations to authorized users or third parties.


Disclaimer cannot be held liable for any loss (including but not limited to loss of profits, operating disruption, lost information or indirect loss), which is the result of an authorized user's use of or inability to use, which applies, even though might have been informed about the risk of such loss. can not be held liable for the contents of or any portion thereof, including in connection with, but not limited to, errors or omissions, injuries, violation of the right of disclosure, privacy, trademark rights, malfunctions, personal injury, violation of privacy, ideal rights or disclosure of confidential information.

If the disclaimer as a result of current mandatory right cannot be maintained in full, Voicemasterycourse.coms liability for loss shall be limited as far as possible under applicable law.


Law and court

Danish law governs Law and court the above agreement with and any disputes must be settled by Danish court.



All prices are daily prices and are only valid on the day of subscription. There may therefore be price changes, which will only affect the subscriber’s next order.



You can pay using valid credit cards, and PayPal. The payment starts from the moment you sign up.

It is the buyer’s responsibility to make sure that there is coverage on the used card for payment so can deduct receivables.

When will I get access to

When you sign up and the payment is complete, you will receive an e-mail with a confirmation of the subscription and a code for use on cannot be held responsible for delays or flaws on the Internet.

Can I get my money back?

It applies to all electronic products that you cannot get your money back as soon as the product has been opened. Getting access to are equal to “opening the product”. Therefore we cannot return money.



During the startup period of, you must pay for one month at a time.
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