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If you’re anything like my younger self, it'll be A LOT.

I didn’t feel like I could TRUST my voice. I was gripping onto control so I wouldn’t embarrass myself.

And it took a huge toll on my confidence.

Sound familiar?

The problem is that majority of singers are confused about what breathing from your diaphragm, support etc. actually are and what they should feel like. 

Even those who've been taking lessons with a private coach for years.

They may have heard the term "sing from the diaphragm" before and feel like they kinda get what that means, but also know that when done right we shouldn't feel throat strain.

So something’s still not working as it should.


If any of this sounds like you, you are not alone. Welcome to a pretty large (but still cool) club.
I wanted to create a detailed easy-to-follow course helping you to understand what "support", "breathing" etc. actually are (and what it isn’t) with techniques, exercises and tools to get you experiencing it for yourself.

It’s all well and good to learn about the science of what happens with the muscles and the sub-glottic pressure but that doesn’t help your body replace your old habits with awesome new ones.

That takes simple instructions and easy to follow exercises with a purpose.

And don’t think I’ll just leave you to go through the course without holding your hand. 

You can ask as many questions inside the student community you need, to feel confident you’re doing it right.

we’ve got your back.
When You Join The Voice Mastery Course, 
You Get Full & Immediate Access To:
20+ Hours Of Step By Step Training: ($797 Value)
If you would like to learn to sing correctly; The Voice Mastery Course will be a good place for you!

Even if you have no experience in singing or think that you will never be able to learn it. Everybody can learn to sing! I will not promise, that you will become a super star – but I will promise you, that if you follow this course, step by step, even YOU will get better at singing, no matter what level you are at now.
Private Student Group: ($99 Value)
Imagine having hundreds of teachers in your pocket? That's exactly what you're getting with this course. You have an entire community, an entire family here to ensure you understand everything being taught in the course.
Coach On Hand: ($99 Value)
I have a dedicated coach on hand in the Facebook group to answer any and all of your questions. Together, him and I are scouring the customer community to make sure no question goes un-answered.
Here’s What You’re Going To Get:
  • ​20+ Hours of Step By Step Training: ($797 Value)
  • ​Private Student Group: ($99 Value)
  • Coach On Hand: ($99 Value) 
Total value: $995
Everyday Price: $497
Today's Special Price: $297
100% Money Back Guarantee!
Our training program is proven with loads of student successes and more coming in every single day. 

we have put our blood, sweat and tears into this program...

We are serious about our program and want you to be serious too. Therefore, as long as you do the homework and show that you made an effort, we will refund your money 100% if you are not happy with the program within 30 days of purchase.
When You Join The Voice Mastery Course, You 
Get Immediate Access To ALL Of These Modules:
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Check Out These Results From Other 
Who Already Took The Leap Of Faith And Joined Us...
Hanne Lynge
I was a late starter, being 22 years old when I started singing.
Now I am 50+. From the late start it took of very fast. As early as three years after I started singing, I had my first solo concerts. Because of being an adult, when I started, I can easily remember what getting knowledge meant for my singing. From the start I remember the feeling and aha experience when I first became aware what it meant to sing in pitch. I remember what it was like – not to know. It was like trying to find way in a dark room. Luckily it was easy for me to transform the new knowledge to practice. I had a serious problem though; my voice became hoarse very quickly. Different teachers did not mention the issue – but then I met Kathrine Sadolin. I was her student for quite a while and I went to other amazing teachers too. I wrote a lot of songs and recorded a CD and was very busy being a singer-songwriter. I have always been seeking new knowledge. I wanted to know how things work and what they are made of and this is not only for singing and music, it is for all aspects of life. I like to communicate my knowledge and experiences to other people. I like to pass on the joy of singing, so it was a natural thing for me to start teaching. It is now more than 25 years since I started teaching. My pedagogical approach is that I believe knowledge is the base for remembrance. If you do not know why you are doing something, it is easier to forget. If you do what your teacher tells you to do, it will have a good effect on you. Throughout my career I have been teaching on all levels and I still find it amazing to teach students from the beginners level, to the top professional. This gives me a wide experience in what problems a student can have – even though all students are unique. 
A lot of people try and fail with singing and then end up blaming the results on genetics or some secret talent you need to be born with.

but let me tell you a secret...

It's not about genetics! which means that everyone can learn how to sing... and that means YOU too.

So many people are actually concerned about this so we decided to make a video about it on our Youtube channel to show people that it's possible even for them to learn how to sing.

Check out the video to the right 
Well if you…
  • ​Want a fuller more resonant sound but can't quite seem to get there
  • feel a tickle in your throat or crack on high notes
  • feel a squeezing of your throat when you sing with more power (even a little one)
  •  know you yank your abdominals muscles in and grip them “for power”
  •  feel a lot of tension in your ribcage, jaw or tongue when you sing, or 
  •  know the whole experience should feel so much easier than it does
I really think you're going to want to come along for the ride.
Are you going to let this be another year where you make excuses & not improve your singing at all?

What is there to lose?
Questions & Policies
How can you learn singing in an online course? Isn't it different from person to person?
The fundamentals are all based on the techniques and tools I use to teach all my students and have been pieced together in the most logical order.

Some elements you may grasp quicker than others but the way we develop these is structured to strengthen AND free up your voice, something most programs don't tackle.

There is also the option to seek help in our private student community if there is anything you find particularly challenging and would like to work more on.
When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
I can't afford the program, is there anything you can do for me?
We do offer a payment plan for those that can't afford the full price. Click HERE to see if you apply!
What if I am unhappy with the course?
Refunds given only when requested by email, by a student who has purchased the course less than 30 days prior, and has viewed less than 30% of the course. Whether or not you click on the COMPLETE & CONTINUE button, makes no difference. The rule applies once you access 30% of the modules in the course, whether or not you view the videos. Absolutely NO exceptions!
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